Short Cute Love Quotes

I have been reading some other quote sites but I couldn't find the emotional feel in their writings. Most of them are copy pasted and so I decided to write some original stuff myself. Thank you for all the comments on the previous post, I will be looking for your feedback on this one in the comments section.
1. My love for you blazes like the fire. I cannot help but keep coming back to you. I have wandered many a times far away but in my heart you will forever stay.
Short Cute Love Quotes

2. You are the sweetest accident of my life. If we had not to meet that day, I would have lost my love.

3. Its funny how time flies by. We met, we dated, got engaged and
now are getting married. Its so fast.

Short Cute Love Quotes

4. A boat needs the river to keep floating and I need you for my heart to keep beating.

5. Out of all the things that I do all day, telling you that I love you is the sweetest thing I do. It is my favorite part of the day because you deserve all the love I can give.

6. Where there is love, there is light and everything is beautiful. After meeting you, I think I am surrounded by beauty everywhere.

7. I feel very confident that we will make it through. Though we fight a lot I know that we will be together.

8. Ever since you came into my life, I am a different person. I smile more, laugh more and feel so loved...because of YOU!

9. It is almost impossible to love without trusting. I remember the first time you said you trust me and then I knew that love will eventually find its way in our hearts.

10. My heart is the secret place,
where all my secrets are locked away.
The most beautiful of them all
is the first time you I saw you on my way.

11. Today I was talking to a friend at a restaurant and noticed an old couple not talking. I thought they have nothing to talk or maybe they have spoken everything. Then when I passed by, I saw that they were holding hands. That's the kind love I want to have.

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