Love yourself quotes

You were created to succeed and move ahead towards your destiny and at times you may feel unloved. But if you motivate yourself with faith enough you can achieve all that you have dreamed of.
~ Shanna Mikes

When you begin to love yourself and stand up with confidence anew journey of life long love begins. Stand up for yourself because you are all you have.
~ Oneness Bridge

You may have some
faults and sometimes you may tend to focus on things that you are not good at. That happens, but the key is to come back to all the gifts you have and keep loving your self.
~ Austin Walt's

Even if you feel intimidated don't let that take you down. Re fuel yourself with thoughts of a positive life. Bring out the winner from within and then you will see victory and love rise up.
~ Janell Schrieffer

When you develop your qualities and talents, you will shine among your friends and family. You will do greater things and be led into success and fulfillment.
~ Tony Willis

You are not too old and its never too late to start a lovely happy life. Do things that bring happiness in your life and believe that good things are coming for you.
~ Andrea Vault

Don't let what others say or think about you change anything. You were meant for greater things and your life will be much better if you focus on your goals and dreams.
~ The book of the anonymous

My future has beautiful moments in store. I have milestones to cross and great people to meet. I am going to be happy, joyful and blessed. I am going to love myself and others with happiness.
~ Unknown world

If you are embarking on a new journey, make sure that you carry confidence and belief with yourself. They will help you bounce back when you come across obstacles.
~ Finley Boys

When you have kept God first, loved the people in your life and have been kind to strangers. Make sure that you love yourself so that you can re energize to love more.
~ Dallas Wine

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Cute funny love quotes

Man: I want to tell you something funny.
Woman: Alright. I would like to hear it.
Man: Knock knock!
Woman: Who is it?
Man: Mary
Woman: Mary who?
Man: Marry me : )
~ William Lee

I have never been in love but
I am really passionate about eating. I think love is like when you are at the restaurant waiting for a long time and then the waiter finally arrives with the food.
~ Lucy Mow

Married couple on their 25th anniversary.
Wife: "Baby, are you happy with me?"
Husband:"I was thinking of the day when your police dad held me at gunpoint and said he would put me in prison for 25 years if I did not marry you."
Wife: Yes...So?
Husband: Twenty five years have passed away and tomorrow I could have come out of jail...a free man!
~ Don Ellis
Cute funny love quotes
After marriage usually the
husband has 2 choices. Either be honest, truthful and right or fight and loose all happiness and hair.
~ Tony Brig

W: "Hello baby, its me."
H: "Hi"
W: "Honey can I buy that Ferrari please?"
H: "Sure go ahead."
W: "That house with the pool costs 500 k, can I buy it please?"
H: "Alright, buy that too."
W: "Thanks've changed. Love you"
H: "OK.. Bye."
The guy raises the phone up and shouts: "Whose phone is this?"
~ Fell-is Knight
Are you worried about getting old and loosing your beauty? Get married to a historian because the older you get, the more they will fall in love with you.
~ Brian Jackson

Guy: What did one sea tell another?
Girl: What?
Guy: Absolutely nothing. They just waved.
Girl: Hmm...OK.
Guy: Did you just sea and understand what I just said?
Girl: Well...No.
Guy: I'm pretty shore you did.
Girl: Well who are you and how did you get my number?
Guy: Why? Don't be such a beach.
~ Norway Skylar

Well every time I have a crush on somebody or fall in love they call me a stalker. Well, I prefer calling myself a human research analyst.
~ Montana White

In a restaurant, there was a couple sitting with food in front of them...
Dude: Hey baby, you look beautiful and I love you.
Babe: But I don't love you one bit.
Dude: Well, are you sure?
Babe: Yeah...100% I don't like you at all.
Dude: Well I'd say think again.
Babe: Why ask 100 times, I said I don't love you.
Dude: Hey waiter, get two separate bills.
Babe: Hey alright OK... I love you...(smiles) *wink wink*
~ Alice Light

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Cute quotes about myself

I was feeling low this week and realized that there are so many people who must be feeling the same at some point in life. So here are some original quotes I wrote which I'm sure you will be able to relate to. These quotes are beautiful and can be shared with those you care for.

1. There is no need for 100 friends, faithful friends are few. I don't even care about parties where people are fake and untrue. People judge by first impression but to know me you need a deeper view.

2. Cuteness is my best friend and happiness is my shadow. I love talking and telling tales to make people laugh. Everyday my aim is to make this world a lovely place to live in. That's all about me. What about you?

3. The type of guy who still believes
in opening doors and pulling chairs. It may look like formality to others but chivalry never goes out of style and I am happy to be myself.

4. I am not a perfect person. I make mistakes, get into arguments, disagreements and fights. I also get my heart broken sometimes. But in-spite of all this I love the imperfect unique cute me.

Cute quotes about me, These are some cute quotes for her
Quotes about me
5. Putting a smile on someones face is what makes my day lovely. I may hurt someone but I never do it intentionally. People who are close to me, I love them deeply and they are the ones who know me the best.

6. Sometimes in life you cannot please each and everybody. You are what you are and you are unique. Don't need to conform to what people say. You need to stand for yourself, because no one else will.

7. Whenever I look back at my life I have no regrets. I thank God every day for having created me the way I am. I am improving every day and doing good things. Someday I will be made perfect in his eyes.

8. I may not be perfect but that does not mean I do not strive hard for perfection. I may be really clumsy and forgetful but I am working hard on improvements. No one becomes right instantly, they work towards it.

9. What can I say about me? Well I am just a writer who pens down feelings and emotions. I like to inspire people and bring happiness to them. Thank you for stopping by and reading my thoughts. Have a great day.

Please share your quotes or just tell us if you liked these quotes in the comments.

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The best cute girl quotes

I strongly believe in women empowerment and these quotes are originally written to describe the goodness within women. I have written some of these quotes from a friends perspective. After you finish reading, please take 30 seconds to let me know if you liked the quotes or not.

1. A girl should always be treated with respect and kindness. If you do not know how to treat a girl right, you won't have her for long in your life.

2. I prefer to be a girl who is smart and a achiever than someone who is just pretty and without any substance.
cute girl sayings, cutest girl
Cute girl quotes
3. Girls can hug, giggle and say "I love your smile and the way you look" to another girl without feeling ashamed. For guys, doing any of that would becomes homo and they just can't go with it.

4. All I ever wanted was a good
looking home, lots of dresses, good books to read and real faithful friends for company. Most of all, I want someone who will really love me just the way I am.

5. Sometimes even the girl who you see smiling and caring for everyone else in her life breaks down. She needs someone to take care of  her and let her know that she is cared for and loved.

6. Girl problems are that they love being called beautiful but they find it hard to believe it and think its not completely true. They are not always right but hate admitting they are wrong.

7. There are some girls who have never smoked or gotten into alcohol. They have never slept around or made any fuss at all to get any kind of attention. Yes indeed! Such girls still exist, you only need to look harder.

8. Once you know that you have the girl of your dreams, don't let her go because she is just one in a billion. Treat her like a princess and care for her more than yourself.

9. How do you know the difference between when a girl likes or loves you? Simple. When a girl laughs at things you say to her she likes you. When she has tears in her eyes for you...she loves you.

10. Be a girl who has her own mindset for success and happiness, a woman with strong values and goodness and a lady with a class that lasts a lifetime.

11. Go for a guy who at the first look at another girl realizes that its not you and does not get his heart involved. Such guys maybe rare but are worth the wait.

12. A girl maybe going through a lot of things in her life but if she smiles, she is the perfect example of strength.

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