Long cute love quotes

You're as precious as diamonds. You fill my heart with songs. I feel warm in your arms. I know for sure you're my soul-mate. There can be no one else.
~ Jeremy Watson

I love the time I spend with you. You make my living worth-while. Why dint I meet you before. I wish I could start my life From the beginning with you because the time I spend with you is never enough. I need you more everyday.
~Anne Frank

My love, come hold me close to your heart. Let me know that
you're near me. I live only by the assurance of your love each day. I cannot phantom living a moment without you.
~Kortney Woods

Long cute love quotes

Long cute love sayings
Long cute love quotes
If anyone would ask me the definition of love I will tell them your name. You have filled me with your endless love and now nothing feels the same. I'm lost all day long in dreams, The world is heaven to me it seems. And the reason why I'm so happy is you.
~John White

I never thought true love existed and then I met you. You showed me so much of love and have filled my heart. I never want to loose you. I never want to be apart. Hold me in your arms and let me live there for the rest of my days.
~ Ronny Clarke

You help me find peace in the midst of my busy life. You make me feel relaxed as if I have never worked. You soothe my mind and take my fears away. You make realize each day, you alone are my true love
~ Elizabeth Chang

There are things that cannot be expressed in words. Some things can just be felt like your heartbeat and the love in my quotes.
~ Adenauer Chopin

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How did you write these long cute love quotes?
It is not hard to put these down on paper or type them up on the computer. All you need is to follow some basic tips and you will have your very own quotes and sayings customized to whoever you wish to send them to.

1. Give it a plan:
There needs to be a compelling emotion behind the quote to support it and take it ahead. There are many ways to do it but it depends on what your motive is. Create a story for the whole quote and present it with customized words just for your lover.

2. Make it memorable:
You could bring something back from what happened between you'll and present it in a new the quote form. Writing in the digital format (mobile, computer) is OK  Writing on a card or a hard copy would always make it memorable and something that he / she can keep as a memory.

3. Write here:
Start by commenting or passing on your quotes to us by going to the bottom of this page and clicking submit quotes link. That should be a good start and you can do so anonymously too. Have a great day!

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Cute Love quotes and poems

Love isn't a choice made, its the way we were created to be.
Love shared is untold, it is something for everyone to see.
Love is found by faith in it and by those don't throw it away.
You are a precious part of my heart & that is where you will always stay.
~ Zaire Styron

Gone are the days when perfect words used to flow like a river.
With a single touch, you had the power to send down a shiver.
Things are changing and my
world is too.
Everything is changing, moving on makes everything new.
~ Lisa Xan

Your love has changed the way I feel, You are the only reason I truly need
To find the love so clear and sure. I have loved you not like others, my heart is pure.
~ Marley Statam
Cutest love quotations and sayings, quotes that make you love, lovely poems
Cute Poems of Love
From the chest of a man, can a heart stop beating and
Even if it did, can a healthy human stop breathing?
I would stop liking and believing if that were true.
No matter what happened, I would never stop loving you!
~ Kellon Osbot

The love that we share is one in a million. Hearts take time to mend and find, perfect match is one in a billion.
I am glad that I have finally found you. You are the best thing I have, and I know that you love me too.
~ Maindh Tronics

Your love is my motivation. I like the way you crack those funny jokes and make me smile. I have always wanted someone who could keep me happy and now I know that its you!
~ Belmont York

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Cute Love quotes and poems

Behind the tree grew a rose so beautiful, it could make any girl feel wonderful.
I plucked it up and headed in your direction, the look on your face was perfection.
~ Unoir hitson

***How to write quotes and poems?***
Writing quotes and poems is challenging to some while others find it natural. It depends on whether you naturally love writing or not. Even if you don't keeping in mind these tactics will take you a long way.

1. Get the hero thought:
Keep the main story of the quote or poem in mind. It is easy to drift away and write several components which could get the reader confused. Try writing one story in the quote or poem and you will find it far easier and better to write the whole thing.

2. Stay Patient:
It is not the easiest thing to collect and write things that may make sense to everyone. Patiently draft once and maybe twice and steadily you will fnd the success you were looking for.

3. Write one for us:
We are always looking for some one to write something worthwhile for us. Write one poem or a one liner original quote in the comments section and we could publish it. Thousands will read and feel the love that we all dearly need.
Read the next page for some more tips and poems. Have a great day.

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Forgiveness Love Quotes

Best of forgiveness Love Quotes for anyone in need of it.

Give up  that anger, it is really not worth fighting. Don't play those hurtful memories again and again. Delete them or burn them into ashes. Let it go and let love into your heart once again.
~ Donna Nonstandard
Forgiveness Love Quotes
When you make a mistake I forgive you and when you make one I do too. That's the way love is supposed to work. We have problems and we always come out of them better off.
~ Milan Hollander

There are few things in life that
cannot be resolved with kindness. Forgive the one that hurts you and you will find forgiveness back in some way or the other.
~ Ian Museum

Love and life will find you back.Give and things will come back to you multiplied. Sharing and giving are powerful components of life.
~ Torrid Alas

Forgiveness Love Quotes

There is no mistake so great that cannot be pardoned. There is nothing on this planet that cannot be undone. Love is something that we all have and need to share as brothers and sisters.
~ Yale Burris

The problem is not as great as we make it to be. Our minds enlarge them beyond proportions many a times and it gets very hard to forgive.
~ Darrin Loyal

Time is the biggest healer of problems and disputes. There are few things on earth that cannot be solved forgiveness, kindness and love.
~ Calvin Isolation

I love you so much and this is a feeling that will never go. Mistakes happen and problems erupt but love is something that will never depart from my loving heart.
~ Raoul Kings

There are brothers who do not talk to each other, lovers who don't love anymore. Don't let that be you. Take the higher road and walk on the higher path. Let the goodness of life fill you and others.
~ Bison York

The power of forgiveness
Forgiveness is something that all of us need at some point or the other. The Holy Bile asks us to forgive others their trespasses so that our own may be forgiven by almighty God. we only need to be considerate towards others so that we may receive consideration in return. Even if we don't, we must forgive so that we may be free of the burden and may not aggravate the problem in our own minds.

Remember that it is not enough to just forgive. You need to love them back.
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Love Affair

You thought you were the last person they would find if they went looking for an emotional person. You are now confused since you met this person who tapped your feelings and now you are all emotional. Which route should you take when it turns to be an emotional love affair? Everything you do turns out to be contrary to your expectations. Emotional love affairs turn out to be very hurting. It takes long to collect the pieces and move on after the break up. Every issue in an emotional love affair ends up in a mess. Keep your emotions checked since they are the same ones which brought you together. Love emotions can confuse human mind and beats all intellect. Be wise when dealing with your emotions.

Love Affair

Love Affair

Love Affair

Love Affair

Love Affair

Love Affair

Love Affair

Love Affair

Emotional love affairs crash down since intense feelings associated with them impair the level of thinking. A previously fulfilling affair takes a turn and becomes frustrating and saddening. Most emotional love affairs use the tit for tat phenomenon. An eye for an eye makes the whole love affair unhealthy. It looses direction and focuses on revenge. What do you think will happen when i feel so hurt that my partner has failed to call me. I might be dying to hear him talk but i do not care about what, even if it is nonsense but just his voice. I will not call him though it will be hurting. Imagine if he also gets emotional and reacts the same way. The affair will simply be a game of shifting blames and on the way to the rocks. To avoid an emotional love affair would be the best option, try and understand him.

I think i do not care if you love me so much that it makes you cry all the time. The problem comes in when you hurt me by the little things you do and it makes me cry. It is not worth if i hate how much i love you. It will stop being a love affair and turn to a war affair. An emotional love affair pushes each partner to fight with their feelings. The more you fight with yourself and reject your intense feelings the more it hits back at you. You will try and fail miserably most of the times. If you get lucky enough not to reach exhaustion, you will succeed in separating with your partner because logic dictates that such an emotional love affair is harmful to your social life. At the end of it you will have scars in your heart which you might take to the grave. To avoid this, do not encourage an emotional love affair at all costs.

An emotional love affair sabotages communication. When you are too emotional, language tends to hit the wall and expression takes a back seat. Without communication, misunderstanding is unavoidable. Please if you notice your partner is going down that route, talk about it. It is in a word. You will never guess it unless you keep talking. Be slow to anger and an emotional love affair will be news to you.

Cute military love quotes

Following are some of the most beautifully written cute military love quotes.

You stood up for the nation to protect and save all of us citizens of this country. You are ready to sacrifice your life for us all and I am ready to stand by you until the very end!
~ Nina Rommel

People say that that the seven wonders of
the world are one of the best places in the world. I beg to differ because for me, the embrace of your arms is the best place in the whole world.
~ Finesse Joaquin

Cute military love quotes

People who lack patience and understanding of true love are the ones who tell me that being in love with you is not worth it. No matter who tells me what, I will always love you.
~ Ricky Strindberg
cute military love quotations and sayings
Cute Military Love Quotes

The oceans may dry up and the mountains may turn to mere sand. But my love for you will last as long as you live because I know the value of spending a moment with you. It is precious!
~ Quincy Potsworth

Love is not something that happens to everyone. Love is not something that happens every day. It happened to me once and I can never forget it. it is a memory that i will cherish forever.
~ Bernard Talkies

You maybe in Afghanistan ..you could be in Pakistan or Israel or anywhere in the world.  No matter where you go to serve the nation, my heart will always follow you with all my love just for you!
~ Shelley Comp

Your love is the best that I have ever known and no matter the distance or the spaces I will always cherish being your loved one. Knowing you is one of the greatest gift of my life.
~ Valentin Morgan

The women and families are usually left behind in their country of origin but that does not leave them behind from supporting them. They are always there to love, pray and care for them from a distance.
~ Bryce Clive

Give me the strength Lord each day to go through my life knowing that you are protecting my loved one in a land far away. I thank you for calming my fears and being there for me every day. Amen.
~ Leanne Runes

Men who work in corporate firms make money, men who are civilians live in the safety of their homes. But military men are the ones who fight to protect them all.
~ Shea Love

A soldier does not usually fight because he hates the enemy or the perpetrators. He fights with all his valor because he loves the people in his country especially his family.
~ Don Mills

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How to write your own sweet and cute military love quotes?
You may be feeling lonely and negative. But use it all to lift your spirits higher. Write something beautiful for him so that he will cherish it when he returns back. Here are some points you can keep in mind while writing.

1. His favorite:
Go back in time and remember the first date and the first gift he bought you. All the beautiful things that happened in the relationship. Write them down and pick the best ones to create your very own message. Its not so hard at all.

2. Rhyme it all:
Every one appreciates a good rhyme. Try to rhyme the message and you will be surprised how creative you can really get. There are many tools online that will help you create a rhyme.

3. Trial and error:
Don't get discouraged if you are unable to get the best results at first. Stay patient and you will find that steadily you can rhyme and write a good quote, message and even a poem. You very own cute military love quotes!

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Lost Love

I think about lost love a lot. The experience of lost love in past relationships is like a learning experience for me from which I try to learn as much as I can, so I never repeat that situation again. Lost love gives insight and understanding. Instead of wallowing in misery, I try to move forward with the new knowledge.

Lost love has happened a few times to me, as I'm sure it has to many people. Each time, it would feel like agony, my grief wearing on me like fire. I would feel like my love was gone forever and I would never find love again. Of course, I was always wrong. I would move forward, sometimes reluctantly, but always finding another love that would be stronger for my past experiences of love that I lost.

To quote from a famous movie, "Life finds a way." What everyone needs to remember concerning lost love is that, like everything else, love has its own lifespan. Whenever I lost love, I had to remember that some lifespans are longer than others, and accepting it helped me move forward with my life. To experience joy again was the result of learning how to make sense of what had happened when I lost love.

Looking back over love that was lost and seeing that the lifespan of each of these events was actually longer than the one gone before it made me realize that with each experience of it, I was able to fine tune and improve the relationships each time, each time making them stronger than the time before. It may not have felt like a positive thing at the time, but I look back now and realize those were times of positive growth.

Lost Love

Lost Love

Lost Love

Lost Love

Lost Love

Lost Love

Lost Love

Lost Love

As with many people, every time I had the experience of lost love, I had the feeling that I would never again feel love, that it was gone forever. And of course, I was always wrong. I would find happiness again and joy. But at the time, happiness and joy would seem impossible to ever have again. I would move on, and eventually understand that each of these experiences made me stronger and taught me much about myself.

It became quite apparent to me that, even though I had lost love once, I would be able to have it again. I was not pre-ordained for loneliness for the rest of eternity, even though it might have felt that way at the time.

I came to realize that, with age and wisdom, relationships became stronger and lasted longer. The lifespan of a relationship grew, and had more power and influence in my life. The experience of love that was lost simply became a stepping stone for growth.

If you have lost love, do not let it bog you down. By understanding that it ultimately translates into positive growth, you will carry forward with strength and willpower, able to anticipate a brighter future with a resurgence of love, either rekindled from the old, stronger and better, or brand new with all the hopes and dreams of young love.

Love Girl