Cute Love quotes and poems

Love isn't a choice made, its the way we were created to be.
Love shared is untold, it is something for everyone to see.
Love is found by faith in it and by those don't throw it away.
You are a precious part of my heart & that is where you will always stay.
~ Zaire Styron

Gone are the days when perfect words used to flow like a river.
With a single touch, you had the power to send down a shiver.
Things are changing and my
world is too.
Everything is changing, moving on makes everything new.
~ Lisa Xan

Your love has changed the way I feel, You are the only reason I truly need
To find the love so clear and sure. I have loved you not like others, my heart is pure.
~ Marley Statam
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Cute Poems of Love
From the chest of a man, can a heart stop beating and
Even if it did, can a healthy human stop breathing?
I would stop liking and believing if that were true.
No matter what happened, I would never stop loving you!
~ Kellon Osbot

The love that we share is one in a million. Hearts take time to mend and find, perfect match is one in a billion.
I am glad that I have finally found you. You are the best thing I have, and I know that you love me too.
~ Maindh Tronics

Your love is my motivation. I like the way you crack those funny jokes and make me smile. I have always wanted someone who could keep me happy and now I know that its you!
~ Belmont York

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Cute Love quotes and poems

Behind the tree grew a rose so beautiful, it could make any girl feel wonderful.
I plucked it up and headed in your direction, the look on your face was perfection.
~ Unoir hitson

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1. Get the hero thought:
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2. Stay Patient:
It is not the easiest thing to collect and write things that may make sense to everyone. Patiently draft once and maybe twice and steadily you will fnd the success you were looking for.

3. Write one for us:
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