Long cute love quotes

You're as precious as diamonds. You fill my heart with songs. I feel warm in your arms. I know for sure you're my soul-mate. There can be no one else.
~ Jeremy Watson

I love the time I spend with you. You make my living worth-while. Why dint I meet you before. I wish I could start my life From the beginning with you because the time I spend with you is never enough. I need you more everyday.
~Anne Frank

My love, come hold me close to your heart. Let me know that
you're near me. I live only by the assurance of your love each day. I cannot phantom living a moment without you.
~Kortney Woods

Long cute love quotes

Long cute love sayings
Long cute love quotes
If anyone would ask me the definition of love I will tell them your name. You have filled me with your endless love and now nothing feels the same. I'm lost all day long in dreams, The world is heaven to me it seems. And the reason why I'm so happy is you.
~John White

I never thought true love existed and then I met you. You showed me so much of love and have filled my heart. I never want to loose you. I never want to be apart. Hold me in your arms and let me live there for the rest of my days.
~ Ronny Clarke

You help me find peace in the midst of my busy life. You make me feel relaxed as if I have never worked. You soothe my mind and take my fears away. You make realize each day, you alone are my true love
~ Elizabeth Chang

There are things that cannot be expressed in words. Some things can just be felt like your heartbeat and the love in my quotes.
~ Adenauer Chopin

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