Cute Good Night Quotes

Tonight as you fall asleep, remind yourself about what a good person you are. Remind yourself that there are people who admire you and remember that this special friend cares for you. Good Night!
~ Jake Mensa

A bed and bed sheet of clouds is what I wish for you. Bright and beautiful crystals as stars for you. may the angels sing songs that bring you the sweetest dreams tonight.
~ Jun Quincy

I wish you sweet dreams where
you succeed and your pure dreams come true. A state of mind where you are happy and you receive all that you ever wished for.
~ Timothy Rob
Cute Good Night Quotes
Cute Good Night Quotes

Cute Good Night Quotes

Make sure that you pray and always think good thought before you go to bed.  What you think before going to bed has a lot to do with what your dreams will be made of.
~ Milton Ham

May angels protect you and the night breeze keep you cool. Let the blankets warm you if it gets cold and let your head rest in the sweet serenity of this beautiful night.
~ Rocky Glace

I wish this night would not end and we could be together for much longer. But now its the time to go so good night my love and I hope you miss me more.
~ Kasey Macon

Don't be sad tonight no matter what the disappointment has been. Tomorrow is full of mystery and you never know what good thing is in store for you. Good Night!
~ Windsor Lob

Every night I spend with a smile, I am closer to my destiny. Its a way to a positive thought and a positive life. I know I still have a lot to achieve and a smile is one way of encouraging myself for tomorrow.
~ Carol Nil

I will sleep on my bed with a smile tonight because I know I have you in my life. Even though as my eyes shut, you go out of sight. I know in the morning you will make everything alright.
~ Yen Stevens

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Things to do before sleeping:
Some people find it very hard to get a sound good night's sleep. There are ways to fight it. Even if you do get a good night's sleep, here are ways to ensure that you wake up with a happy mood. Before going to bed ensure that you are not thinking about things that tend to worry you. Also you can avoid thoughts which get your heart beating faster or things that excite you since these can interfere with sleep.
Thinking peaceful thoughts or praying to the living God can help you fall asleep quickly. Usually what you have in mind before going to sleep has a good possibility of popping up in mind when you wake up. Hence, you need to make sure that you keep good thoughts in mind for a happy beginning.

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Cute smile quotes

Even when there is no one around, a smile can be a cute indicator of the fact that you are in a good mood.
~ Bernard Beguine

No matter which language you speak, everyone understands the true meaning of smile. It communicates everything that a heart wants to express and understand.
~ Troy Ferris

You may forget to wear a good looking dress, your makeup, shoes and accessories, but you must never forget to wear a genuine smile. No good look is complete without it.
~ Ryan Tan

Have you ever seen a
smiling  face that was not beautiful? Every smile is like a ray of sunshine, brightening every corner and every mind that it is shared to.
~ Lucas Starts
Cute smile quotes
Cute smile quotes

Cute smile quotes

You could use dumbbells to exercise your arms. You can use the treadmill to exercise the body. But do you know the way to exercise the most important muscle? Its the heart and the exercise is through a smile.
~ Dace Jain

It is not expensive and costs just nothing to the individual who freely gives it. But its power is such that the one who receives it is enriched. A moment of smile can last in memories for a life time.
~ Billy Mons

A smile can transform a dull place into a wonderful world. A wounded heart can find shelter behind the warmth of a sweet smile. There are few things in life that can instantly make you feel better. One of them is smile.
~ Evan Bird

A genuine smile which gushes from the heart and lands on the lips can change a opponent to a loving friend. The power of a natural smile can never be undermined.
~ Josiah Bib

Don't let the worries and struggles of this life steal your smile. It is a precious gift that is just not worth loosing. Keep smiling and your worries will be gone.
~ Hayden Mao

Search for a reason to smile. It is a window which gives a glimpse to a wonderful heart. Like a tree which provides shade to the travelers, it provides comfort to those in need.
~ Logan Eon

Love is a feeling that very few can fully understand and completely communicate. But a simple smile is enough to give it away. It can cause hearts to flutter and get excited. It is the sweetest expression of all.
~ Alexander Flinch

As you smile through troubles and tribulations you will soon realize that they have vanished into thin air. It takes faith to smile when times are not good and faith is a powerful weapon which can turn situations around.
~ Charles Seasons

My greatest satisfaction from sending you quotes, texts, poems and working so hard is just to see a smile on your face. That is my reward and that is all I will ever ask you for.
~ Carlos Mona

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Cute Love Songs

This is a list of cute love songs which express exactly what you feel in your heart. You will actually feel your heart connected to every word in the lyrics of the song. They are the most songs which you can dedicate to your boyfriend...they are all for couples. Here is the list:

Top Cute Love Songs
9. Wonderful Tonight - Eric Clapton
8. My heart will go on - Celine Dion
7. Bless the broken road - Rascal Flatts
8. Nothings gonna change my love for you. - Gerry Goffin and Michael Masser
7. Love Story - Taylor Swift
6. As long as you love me - Backstreet boys

5. Endless Love - Lionel Richie
4. All you need is Love - Beatles
3. Can't help falling in love with you - UB40
2. I don't wanna miss a thing - Aerosmith
1. Make you feel my love - Adele
Top Song ~ I will always love you - Whitney Houston

Cute Love Songs for couple
Cute Love Songs
Best of the love songs
9. I do - Westlife
8. Every breathe you take - The Police
7. Wonderful Tonight - Eric Clapton
6. Hero - Enrique Iglesias
5. Everything I do, I do it for you - Bryan Adams
4. Nobody wants to be lonely - Ricky Martin ft. Christina Aguilera
3. Save the best for last - Vanessa Williams
2. You sang to me - Marc Anthony
1. Just the way you are - Billy Joel
Top Song ~ How can I live without you - Michael Bolton

Top Wedding songs
9. The way you look tonight - Tony Benett
8. I do - West life
7. When a man loves a woman - Percy Sledge
6. Tonight I celebrate my love for you
5. One in a Million - Aaliyah
4. We belong together - Mariah Carey
3. From this moment - Shania Twain
2. I need you - Marc Antony
1. Heaven - Brian Adams

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Cute Crush Quotes

Try to push them out of your head. Try harder and stronger to remove them out of your mind and heart. But then even after trying with all your effort if they do not get out, maybe they are supposed to stay!
~ Tina Musk

I am so crushing over you and I keep trying to guess what you think about me. I wonder what is the first thought that comes to your mind when you hear my name from your friends.
~ Joan Tellies

No matter how madly you are obsessing over a crush, don't fall for anyone who treats you like just another ordinary person. You are special and you need to be treated that way.
~ Fiona Orris

Cute Crush Quotes
Cute Crush Quotes
Even if you fall in love with them you will never happen to regret that decision. That is because no matter what it turns out like, for those years, months, days or moments, they are the source of love and that is all we need.
~ Bianca Lorna

I find you cute because
of the hundreds of sweet little things that you keep doing even without realizing it. But I have them all stored like treasures in my heart and I will open them when you are mine.
~ Kelly Burns

At night, I stay up thinking of so many possibilities that could happen between us. I keep guessing what to do and what to say. I want you so badly.
~ Yolanda Mike

You look so cute, my eyes find it hard to get off you. Your smile turns my night into day. I cannot believe I am so crushing over you.
~ Jewel Shred

From the start of the morning to the dusk, my mind is thinking about you. There is so much of obsession, love, romance and magic. I can hardly ever stop this.
~ Merlin Phoenix

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How to behave in front of your crush:
Behavior is very important to all of us and the way we behave either gets us accepted or rejected. You need to be yourself yes, but then there are some things that can help you get the crush of your dreams faster. Here are three things that are listed down:

1. Talking:
Conversations are the backbone of relationships and they are a way that the heart expresses its feelings. Make sure that your speech is pleasing and that you use the lingo that your crush uses often or is fond of using. (Unless they are cuss words, cause that might reduce your respect)

2. Humor:
They say that laughter is the best medicine in life. That is true and its such a good thing to have a good sense of humor. It puts people at ease and makes you more bendable. Sometimes you do not even need good looks, a sense of humor can work wonders for you. You can get jokes online if you do not have it naturally.

3. Care:
A person who cares is valued a lot. Even if you can keep tabs on important things that matter to your crush they will find that cute and that is half of the battle won.

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Cute things to say

The sweetest pain you will ever feel is when I hug you a little tight and the only time I will fight is when they say someone else is cuter than you.
~ Janelle Lopez

Your smile blooms better than the flowers in the garden. Your face looks brighter than the stars in the night. But more than all these it is your loving heart which makes me want to love you forever.
~ Troy Memphis

That day when we said good bye and you left, I was in thoughts about our old memories. Then when I saw the watch more than 45 minutes had passed by and I was still there. That is how much I love you.
~ Shawn Tintoretto

Cute things to say
When I first met you, I had no idea
that this was about to happen. I always thought you were cute but just did not know about the future. This is the cutest love story I know of.
~ Giselle Slain

I wonder what life would be without you and then I try to imagine hot summer days without any AC or cold winter day without any sweater. I think life without you will be worse than that.
~ Ron Merchant

They say sometimes you don't even have to tell a person how much you love them. All you need to do is just let them stare into your eyes to know their heart... Have a look and see who is in my heart.
~ John Wright

I am sick and this problem refuses to leave me. When I go to sleep, I cannot help but think about you. When I wake up in the morning the first thought in my mind is you. Please stop being so cute.
~ Emma Waters

Flowers look cute but you look cuter, the stars look bright but your face glows brighter. I could say so many things but I know its of no use, because you are far more beautiful than what I say.
~ Tina Lowe

My dream was to become a millionaire one day and have all the riches of the world. I didn't know I would become one so soon. Your smile itself is worth a million dollars and there is nothing else I need.
~ Veronica Weiss

This love that we share is unique and just cannot happen with anyone else. I know that because I have heard that you fall in real true love only once.
~ Tao San

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