Cute friend quotes

Cheers to all those times when we went out to play and party. You are a friend who has given me so many beautiful memories. Every moment spent with you is full of FUN!
~ Jam Lens

When I have you by my side, I don't have to worry about getting bored. You bring excitement in my life. Your silly jokes make me lol all the time. You are my best friend.
~ Tim Moral

Cute friend quotes

Friendship is close to love. We find
goodness and love together when we find a friend who is loyal and faithful.
~ Faith Grins
Cute friend quotes
Cute friend quotes
I like the way you joke and make fun of everyone else. I like the way you cheer me up on days when I am bored or sad. Your friendship is worth millions to me.
~ Joan Bolton

My friendship with you is like a gushing water fall. It could stop in the hot summers or flow and overflow in the rains but it still is a beautiful sight to see and creates good vibes in my heart.
~ Shawn Kellie

Cute friendship is not all about the hard times and standing by each other during tough times. It is also about cheering and celebrating successes and happiness in the good times.
~ Royal Walleye

All this chaos is going to make so much sense one day. All through the tears and fights that we had and all along the parties and happiness we will realize that we are just perfect through all the imperfections.
~ Trinity Sephardi

We may be a little pressed for money and for material things in life. We may not have our goals together. All we have is each other and luckily that is all we really need.
~ Voyage Fonda

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Who is a true friend?
There are different types of people who become friends. Some become friends for a reason while some become friends for a season. Most others remain for as long as possible.

1. Friend for a reason:
This is a person who has similar motives as yours and will stand by you as long as you have similar motives. Once you differ then they start going away from you or turn against you.

2. Friend for a season:
These are people who come in at a particular time and are marked for a season. Once they are see that the happy times are over or if they find someone new, they move on. You do not have to blame yourself for loosing such a friend.

3. Friends forever:
As the title says it, they stay with you forever. They stick by you in tough times and celebrate your happiness. Those who find such people are really blessed.

I hope you can find one too. Have a blessed day!

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Cute Life Quotes

A good life is full of faithful friends, good music, tasty food, delicious drinks and favor from almighty God. What else could you ask for?
~ Jolene Dan

This life is like a rose and you are the beauty and fragrance. Without you, all
it will be is a faded rose without any charm or a sense of smell.
~ Matt Cooper

Cute Life Quotes

Life is a beauty to those who know how to treat it like a princess. Your attitude towards life will determine how far you will go. Stop cursing and saying that it is no good.
~ Nazarene Wallace
Cute Life Quotes
Cute life Quotes

Haven't you heard of successful people? They all had some challenge that they overcame. The rich ones overcame poverty and the wise ones overcame lack of knowledge. You too can overcome.
~ Mellon Donald

Most battles in life can become easier if we look at them positively and with a change of outlook. There are few things that cannot be overcome with love.
~ Ling Jello

In life, I have met many friends and people whom I have loved dearly. All this has been possible because of a life full of joy happiness and peace. Humor is another factor which helped me on my way in life.
~ Bob Lyres

This life is just a journey and not the destination. This journey will lead you finally to your destiny. If these 60-80 years was everything, what use was it? There is a bigger plan.
~ Cline Timothy

You were helping me up when I was down and depressed. Making me smile and laugh when I did not know how to see the bright side. I cannot ask for anything more and you are all I ever need in rough times and good times.
~ Sheen Hove

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How to write cute quotes on life?
We all our going through some phase in life. Each season teaches us something different and sometimes seasons repeat. It is always good to note down your very own thoughts in the form of quotes and have them noted down so that you can check on them later.
Make sure that you note down the good and keep in touch with them more than the bad experiences. In fact when you note down the bad, write them down in the form of improvement and learning, not negativity. That will avoid stealing the joys of good times.
You can store them digitally so that they are always preserved.

I hope you have a happy day!

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Cute Relationship Quotes

There are these little things you do like texting me, saying some cute words that really make my day. I cannot  a better life in your absence. Thank you for being a lovely partner.
~ Finesse Johns

As days turn into months and months into years, I want you to know that I am getting bored or fed up like most others. I am in
fact loving each moment of our time together and will continue loving you.
~ Warner Quinton

Cute Relationship Quotes

Sweet things happen to loving people. So when you do sweet things for me, I look back and try to find out how loving I have been and the  I realize that my love for you is simply beyond measure.
~ Loins McGovern
Cute Relationship Quotes
Cute Relationship Quotes

You are my precious treasure chest. You are someone whom I cannot live without. You surely know how to make me keep coming back for more. You are the cutest part of my love life.
~ Winnie Hawk

Staring at our photos together I know that we were meant for each other.You are like the sky and I am like the birds who need to keep flying to meet the ever large expanse of the skies.
~ Tins Lawson

Missing a person you so dearly love is something that every person feels very harshly. I know that pain first hand too because I have been in a relationship and I have loved deeply.
~ Vienna Love worth

I like the attention that you give me every time we meet and how can I ever say how much I like it? You bring me so much happiness and I cannot deny it. I love you baby!
~ Molly Swans worth

There is nothing and no one who can make me fall in love like you do. You have changed my world and made me new. I have never been this much in love before. Now that I have found love, I cannot let it go.
~ Pinochle Doyle

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How can I be a cuter person?
Cuteness comes from the heart and being cute is something that anyone can do by making a few changes.
Here are three that we have put down for you.

1. Look and dressing:
We are visual people and like anyone who looks good. In this case, you need to take care of how you dress up and look. That is a sure indication that you care for yourself and also helps you to look cute.

2. Speech and the tone:
Different people have different way of speaking and tone. Try to modulate it so that you can be the best possible. Voice is another medium that can make you sound cute. Kindness in speech and tone is always a plus.

3. Do things that are cute:
You could give surprises or make someones day by just dropping in a simple quote or a letter. Such things leave a lasting impression which touch the hearts and create memories.

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Cute Friendship Quotes

Friendship is like the seven colors of the rainbow. It not only gives you the delight of different feelings just like the different colors but it also is a sign of beauty and calm after a rainy storm.
~ Dustin Max

You stupid jokes and dumb pranks have made me laugh. Your presence has helped me through the times when I was lonely and needed a companion. Could I have asked for anything else? You are the best : )
~ Reuben Bars

Cute Friendship Quotes

A true friend is like the
precious fine cut diamonds. They are rare and hard to find even when you have dug deep in the grounds. I am glad that after searching for years I have found a diamond like you!
~ Alexis Pond
Cute Friendship Quotes
Cute Friendship Quotes
Friends are the life line of people who cannot or do not know how to manage their life. A friend lifts you up when you are unhappy and gives you a hug when you need it the most.
~ Kirsten Mills

When friends are along with us, we don't need a reason to be happy. They are the reason for us to be happy and joyful. There is nothing better than a friend who makes you laugh through the day.
~ Tony Boy

When my lover left me, I was so hurt and unhappy. You made me tide through those depressing times and brought me happiness untold.
~ Miro Kasey

Your friendship to me is more worthy than all the gold in the world. Gold and money will get spent but a loyal comrade like you will always be there with a good heart and a kind smile.
~ Kirk Lower

What would I have done without your advice in those doubtful times? You help me take the critical steps in life. Whenever I need help you are there and trust me I will be there for you just like you.
~ Pete Sawdust

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How to write such friendship quotes for friends?

We all value friendship and care for our dear friends. These quotes will help but you can create your very own customized quotes and I will help you do that easily. here are the three points that you should bear in mind while writing these simple but effective quotes for your friends.

1. Write about an incident:
There are few things that catch attention like writing about the past and flash back. Replay an incident that might have been dear to you both and write a sweet line of friendship on it for them. They will find it surprising and refreshing too.

2. A line for the good times:
All of us share good times and writing about that or loyalty is a good idea. Friends who stick by us for months and years deserve appreciation for bringing so many joys into our lives.

3. Keep things short:
A quote is essentially a one liner but you could do two but no longer than that. Of course you can write a letter to them and tell them how special they are. All these things can be done to win their heart.

I wish you all the best and click the next page for more quotes and tips.

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