Cute Baby Quotes

A baby is not only cute, but it is one of the most innocent humans on the planet. It has no sense of doing wrong or evil. It has no ambitions and knows no problems. When it loves you, it truly does it.
~ John York

Growing up we learn so many things and they distort the true way of living life. Babies live for the moment, they cry for the moment and play in the moment. No care for yesterdays or tomorrows.
~ Mirage Willy

When a baby is
born in a house, it is one of the best moments in the lives of the parents. Almost like they themselves have received a new life. Its a wonder a miracle which can compare to no other.
~ David Persona
Cute Baby Quotes
Cute Baby Quotes

Cute infant Sayings

Even the most rude and angry people become sweet hearts when the come across an infant. They may not listen to their family, friends or even cops. But an infant has the power which others don't.
~ Tellies Pint

You won't find pure love from a grown man or woman. You won't find it in romance and sensuality either. Pure love is found in little babies who know nothing but the language of love.
~ Sarah Jay

It's like I dreamed my baby to life. When I was young I used to wonder what my baby would look like and how it would smile and make everyone feel happy. All that has now come true.
~ Jerome Hatchet

Though you do not understand the world today, someday you are going to grow up to be a happy human. You will be a person of integrity and everything you learn from this world.
~ Tara Chide

Holding a baby's hand is an incredible feeling. Its almost like you were touched by an angel. Though we have never known how angels act, they must be somewhat close to little kids.
~ Sheena Guys

The happiness a little baby brings changes home into heaven. It is one of the happiest times for the ones who surround the infant. Little does the child know that he is the source of happiness.
~ Shelly Pearson

Yes we need to take care of the baby and teach it many things, but have we stopped and tried to learn from a baby?
~ Mercy Ora

When you invest in a baby and take care of it, remember that you are growing up a person who some day will be a businessman, a doctor, an engineer or someone great. That will help you in your daily struggles.
~ Haas Peters

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Cute Girly Quotes

Someday I want to own all the Aldo's, H&M's, Chanel's, ZARA's and those beauty salons in this world. Then I can get myself all those shoes, dresses and look pretty and beautiful.
~ Jain Luck

Being a girl does not mean that I am weak. Girls all around the world are wrestlers, kick boxers, actresses, performers and presidents of countries. There is nothing that can stop me.
~ Cecile Martins

If you treat me like a princess I will treat you more than a king. I need love, respect and kindness. Chivalry and gentleness is what impresses classy girls.
~ Rosa Loyd
Cute Girly Quotes
Cute Girly Quotes

One thing I hate is someone sending me a mixed signals. If you are not into me, don't act like you are. Get your mind straight and let me know what it is.
~ Patty Love

They can call
me names and try to force things and laugh at me, but I am loved, stronger, better, happier with all that I am.
~ Rebecca Vaughn

Cute Girly Quotes

I am a woman and I love deeply, care much and keep people I love close to my heart. I am possessive about the ones I care for and do not hesitate to help if they are in danger.
~ Verona Cross

I may say "I am fine and everything else is happening like it should." But all I really want is for my boyfriend to draw me near and tell me, "I know things are not fine, but I love you very much."
~ Tarry Jones 

When I look into the mirror, I see a strong person who is made for greater things. I am a girl who was made for success, love and victory.
~ Joan Sam

Sometimes all I want is for people to leave me alone and not judge me. I wish to create a bias free world full of love, peace and happiness.
~ Mira Lawn

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Cute summer quotes

I buy the best of clothes for summers. I have my hat ready, sunglasses on and my shoes are sparkling. I am ready for a summer party!
~ Vientiane Gretel

My backyard is green and my front porch is sizzling. The barbecue is ready and my pool is shimmering. Its time for friends, food and drinks. YES Summer!
~ Joanne Lou

Summer is the most beautiful time of the year
and its something I wait for all year long. The sun is bright, people are happy, the grass is greener, river is shimmering and everything is so beautiful.
~ Suave Nina
Cute Summer sayings
Cute Summer Quotes
Summer is like a DSLR camera. It just focuses on the beauty, zooms into the most lovely times of life and crops out all that is not good looking. Cheers to summer.
~ Lima Taro

Without a doubt summer is the best season of all in the west. Winter tears your spirits down with dull weather and the snow but summer brings life back in a sassy frame.
~ Chan Guerra

We were young and happy. Those were the best times of our lives and we were killing it every single night like it was the last night of our lives. The best things happened in summers.
~ Lenoir Koans

The feeling of love is bright like a summer morning. It is warm and fuzzy like the summer evenings. It always ends sparkling beautiful like the summer nights. Its simply the most beautiful time.
~ Shane Partner

I walk by the ocean with sand on my feet. I gaze up to the clear blue skies and I have never felt so alive before. These are the best times of my life and I simply love it.
~ Jeanne Violet

The glow on my face is more than just because of the sunlight, the warm breeze and the fantastic atmosphere. Its because of my love with the summers.
~ Cabrera Miller

What are some cool things to do during summer?
Summer in the west (many parts excluding a few) is a welcome change. It is a time for fun and letting go. The sun is bright, sand is glistening and it is the best time for events and parties. Here are a few things that you can do during summer to chill out and have a good time.
1. Go out for a swim at a nearby pool with friends and have a barbecue there. 2. Invent your own cool drink or ice cream.3. Play volleyball, football, baseball or whatever you like. Just make sure that it is always outdoors. The point is to be out in the sun. 4. Go by the beach and get a nice tan. Don't burn yourself, you don't want to look roasted. 5. Go for a house party at night and have an awesome time. Also, you could stare up at the clear blue skies at night laying by the grass. 6. Make sure that you also help the community in some way or the other. Help out or volunteer, give what you receive and the circle of joy will be complete.

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Cute things to do for your girlfriend - The best

Here are 19 cute things that you can do for your girlfriend. The catch here is that we do not want you to spend a single dollar. We strongly believe that the best things in life are free. Here is the list of things that you can do and put a sweet smile on her face or literally make her go "Awww"

Cute things to do for your girlfriend

1. Send a sweet e card to your girlfriend:
This is one of the most
cost effective ways. Even if you have sent an e card before, this one is totally different. It lets you make slideshows, post cards, videos, images and so much more. best of all it is free of charge. This is definitely on top of the list because it is so easy to do.
Click here to create and send a really good card.

Best 20 Cute things to do for your girlfriend, from boyfriend

2. Write a letter to her:
You could write a sweet poem to warm her heart. If you do not know how to write a poem on your own, no problem. There are so many websites that have poems. Here is one of them.
You could even send her sweet quotes. Doing this will definitely surprise her and she will love it. Again, here are the best quotes from this website for her.

3. Dedicate a song for her on the radio:
This is also an easy thing but trust me, she will be really touched by this kind act. She will always remember this gesture. You can even record the RJ saying your girlfriends name and the fact that you are dedicating a song to her. You can then relive this memory again anytime at any place.

4. Say something sweet to her in a foreign language:
Yes English is the most widely spoken language, but just to know that you went through the trouble of learning new words is so sweet. You could in fact use different languages to say the same thing or use different languages in a single paragraph or sentence.

5. Hide a sweet love letter in her purse or lunch box:
This is worth the surprise. She will be pleasantly surprised when she sees it and may even show it to her friends. That in turn will always remain in her memory as one of the sweetest things that you did for her.

6. Praise one of her unique qualities - something you never noticed before:
She may have beautiful eyes and a cute smile. Maybe you always tell her about her eyes but not about her smile so much. Take notice of something that you have never complimented before and then do it. You could actually make a list of things that you really like in her. Then take one of them and gush forth with praise. She will feel really good all day long if you do it right.

7. Dance with her - to her favorite song:
Learn the steps to her favorite song and then practice it. You have YouTube at  your disposal and you need nothing else really. Then when she is with you one day, take her hand and dance with her. But what if the song does not have a official dance video to it? The next point will help.

8. Sing her favorite song:
Now if you are stuck with a song which does not really have dance steps, sing it out to her. You may not have a voice like the original singer. But what really matters is the fact that you were ready to do it just for her. She will surely be impressed by your sweetness.

9. Offer to hang out with her friends that you can't stand
You may not like those annoying friends but she means the world to you. so go ahead and carry a lot of patience with you. This will also help you become a better person as you make efforts to become a more adjusting person. Plus knowing what a good deed you are doing, she will love you more.

10. The last cute thing - we won't end here...We are giving you many more:

1. Pray together in church
2. Play a fun game with her
3. Ask her what her favorite dish is and cook for her
4. Give her a refreshing massage - don't get naughty.
5. Create a collage of all the photographs - Send Free eCards!
6. If she likes fairy tales, read and recite one for her
7. Donate your clothes away to the needy with your girlfriends name as the benefactor
8. Create a special book full of memories of her and you together with dates and photos.
9. Call her best friend and talk sweet things about her.

Spend one evening lying on the grass and watching the stars in the sky:
This is one of the most beautiful things that you can do with her. She will be really happy and there are few things more romantic than this. Gaze at the stars and feel the night breeze. She will fall in love with you far more deeply and won't want to let go.

Have better ideas? Share with us in the comments section.
For now, send her these best love quotes of 2013 on the next page.

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Cute Inspirational Quotes

Those who show off and tell all about their plus points and strengths are not the special. The strongest are those who fight the battle without uttering a single word and come out victorious.
~ Many Fresh

I have seen single mothers work two jobs. Sixteen year old's hunger for success and 20 years old's make millions. Handicap people achieving mind numbing feats. What is
stopping you from achieving your destiny?
~ Tristan Yoke

Cute Inspirational Quotes

Do not be sorry for having high standards and expectations. That is not something to be sorry about. If your friends want to be your comrades, they will raise the bar and stand by you anyways.
~ Caleb Mode
Cute inspirational Quotes
Cute inspirational Quotes

Challenges have a way of looking really hard until you go ahead and conquer them head one. They seem complicated until the time when you unravel and simplify them all. Then you can be the light for others to see.
~ Sheila Johnson

Results don't come easy. The word result is set into motion only when plans, strategies, investments and efforts are put in. There is hardly ever a substitute for hard work.
~ Toby Robson

We need to redefine the old saying which says "Goo things fall in place for them that await patiently". in these modern times it can be re written to read,
"Good things come to them that work relentlessly towards their goals."
~ Valerie Cold

For those of you who believe in God: "Dream and imagine the best and the biggest that you can and I will go beyond it" ~ God.
~ Jean Summers

The earth did not progress just like that. There were great men who with inspiration made it what it is today.
~ Fawn Malt

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How to stay inspired?
We all need some inspiration from time to time. If we do not fill our selves with inspiration then we will tend to burn out. They say success is ninety nine perspiration and one percent of inspiration. Let me show you three points that can help you stay inspired.

1. Follow a person:
In many people's life including mine it is God. There are others who get inspired by actors, players, entertainers, singers among many others. Ensure that the person you follow is consistent and that you stay inspired all the time when  you look up to them.

2. Do something:
Play a sport, join a group, exercise, pray, listen to music or whatever that gets you energized and out of the old rut. That is a sure way to get your mind refreshed. Make sure that what you do creates a motivated vibe within you and you are attracted to do something productive.

3. Inspiration is not everything:
It is what you do after you are inspired is what is more important. Getting motivated is just the start and not the end in itself. There is something that you need to do after getting inspired and that is what is important to reach your goals.

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